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Competency Framework

What is it and who is it for?

The competency framework is for all research staff and includes anyone who contributes to the work undertaken by site based clinical research teams. Its purpose is to define the knowledge, skills and attributes of research staff.

How does it work?

The framework is made up of three sections; the Core Document which contains an introduction and outlines the competencies required; Evidence Forms which are used to document witness statements, testimonies and personal reflections and finally blank competency forms which can be used by mentors for Customisation of the framework to more specific needs if necessary.

How do I use it?

Where and how people work differs greatly and your setting can impact on how you use the framework. For example you may need to collaborate electronically on a document with people who don’t always work on the same site as you, or you may work somewhere with restricted access to computers, internet or Wi-Fi and find it easier to print a document out and work on it with a good old fashioned pen!

To help you with this, there are two ways of using the framework...

Competency Framework Core Document Image

Offline Version

This is a pdf document which you can download and print.

You can then work with your mentor face to face to fill out action plans and sign off your evidence.

This version is best if you have limited online access and you can meet with your mentor regularly.

Online Version

This is a Google Document to copy and share with your mentor using Google Drive.

This means that you and your mentor can work remotely on the same, up-to-date document.

It can be really beneficial if you don't always work in the same physical place as your mentor.

Both online and offline versions available to download and copy below.

Useful Links

Core Document

Core Document

Core Document for the main core documents (both online and offline versions)

Evidence Forms

Evidence Forms

Click here for evidence forms to record reflection and witness statements



Click here for blank competency templates