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Informed Consent

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at site staff involved in the conduct of studies once they have been accepted onto the NIHR Portfolio. Individuals involved in the design and management of portfolio studies are able to access this course but should be aware that it will not address their specific needs. 

Expected Learning Outcomes 

Following the module, participants will have a demonstrable understanding of the background and practical implications of Informed Consent. This understanding is intended to be a foundation for action about translating principles into practice and give participants the confidence to take a proactive role in improving processes and standards within their own work area.


This module is designed to enhance understanding and practice related to receiving consent, building on participants’ understanding of the Principles of GCP. The session has a practical focus with the key aim being that participants know what to do to when they return to their workplace to ensure that the rights, safety and well-being of patients are always protected during the consent process.

Individuals attending this session should already have a good understanding of GCP.  This module is expected to supplement that understanding and as such is not sufficient in itself to provide the participant with an understanding of GCP as a whole.

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