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New to Research

The key to starting a research career is to develop the skills and networks in research and build knowledge around your area of interest. There is no one path that fits all and many experience changes of direction along the journey.

Why you should think about adding research to your career?

The NIHR is committed to encouraging and supporting health and care professionals new to research. From resources to support engaging patients and colleagues in research, to developing your skills in delivering research studies. The NIHR has a number of resources and opportunities that can help you take your first step into research.

Working in research gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to peoples lives in many different ways from, finding new treatments /devices that save lives, improving health and wellbeing outcomes and care pathways. Improving the quality of life and wellbeing of patients and the public across the globe in many differing settings.

This makes a career in research extremely rewarding. Roles in research require a lot of collaborations between different groups of stakeholders and provide an excellent opportunity for you to grow your network beyond your multidisciplinary teams and services. You have the opportunity to broaden your theoretical knowledge, skills and practical experience in research.

Trainee routes into Clinical Research Video

James Sheehan, an Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Medicine Specialty Trainee working in the East of England, produced this is a short video while working as a Core Anaesthetic Trainee at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Supported by a joint award received from the Royal College of Anaesthetists and NIHR for his contribution to clinical research, the video is about the possible routes a junior doctor can take to become involved in clinical research, and highlights the main benefits of each route. 

Watch the Video below:

"During my career I have been involved in clinical research through each of the routes described and found each one equally rewarding! I hope that after watching this video junior doctors will have a better understanding of the different routes they may take to become involved in clinical research and be able to identify a route that suits them and catch the research bug!!! "

James Sheehan

Your Path in Research

Everyone can get involved in research from any profession, and in any in health and care setting from hospitals to local authority settings, in the community, in social care & public health, prisons, schools and colleges, hospices, care homes, General Practice, nurseries, dental practices, pharmacies, independent healthcare providers, charities and other settings.

The NIHRtv Youtube channel has some short videos that could help you find your path. 

Open NIHRtv on YouTube >

Check out the NIHR 'Your Path to Research' Website. 

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Visit NIHRtv to find out more about differing professionals' experiences of getting involved in research whether that be academic research or research delivery.

Use keywords in the search bar to find the video content in your area of interest to hear stories from a variety of professionals from Health and Social Care settings.

Search for your keywords on The NIHRtv Youtube channel

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Which Path is for Me?

To simplify navigation we have two pathways:

Health and care professionals with an interest in a research delivery career. 

Health and care professionals with an interest in an academic career, developing and delivering your own idea, research question, project or proposal.

Click on the one that fits you:

A Career in...

A Career in...

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